Pool homes-Building a pool in Phoenix

by Lavine Team on January 9, 2015

Many Canadians would like to have a pool in their yard when shopping for a home in the Greater Phoenix Real Estate area.

About Pool Homes in Greater Phoenix
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For those that we are fortunate enough to find the right combo of plan, location,price and with a pool already, it is easy enough to have a heater installed. But if we don’t find it and after continuing to look, if we still have trouble finding it, there is a great alternative….that is to install a pool after you buy. That is how almost all pools are built anyways as builders don’t generally install a pool while the house is being built unless you use their pool provider and pay the added 15-20% markup they add to the price. For just that one reason alone, almost all pools are added after the fact.

There will be many more homes to choose from if we don’t have to specify in the search to already have a pool. You can then concentrate on finding the right layout with the best location. So…why not consider that option as we did when we bought our current house here back in 2009? We couldn’t find the right combo when we happened to be looking, and out of all the pool homes that we did come across when we were looking, we didn’t like the pool that they installed anyways.

What about the cost of a new pool versus resale homes with a pool? Click to read about it
About pool constructionHere is a video of pool construction from start to finish with some final landscaping and additional patio concrete work done very economically at the same time as the pool. Cost for having the attached spa, heated pool and/or spa, built-in table,large pool, energy efficient variable speed pump, in-ground pop-up cleaning system, pebble sheen finish and 3 feet of concrete decking around the pool was around $40000 all in. It takes about 2 months to build from permit application through completion.

Finishing the landscapingThe rest of the concrete was contracted out to our own concrete connections more affordably than what the pool company would charge…..the same with the landscaping. All plants were purchased at Lowe’s as they warranty their plants for a full year. The gardener picked them up at Lowe’s and planted them all for a couple of hundred dollars, not thousands, like a landscaping company would charge. Some examples… a Pygmy Palm can be purchased for $49, flowering Lantana shrubs for $3-10 and so on.

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